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What is Idlechain?

Idlechain is a cryptocurrency based on Monero with several objectives:

  1. Serving as a token in idle browser games: We aim to develop browser-based idle games utilizing web3 technology and smart contracts (ERC20, NFTs). Idlechain will be the native currency within these games, facilitating in-game transactions and economic interactions.

  2. Demonstrating the functionality of LTWO: Idlechain also serves as a showcase for LTWO, our other project. LTWO aims to develop a blockchain compatible with MetaMask and smart contracts (not necessarily Ethereum EVM compatible). This blockchain will enable the creation of subchains, including Idlechain, enhancing compatibility with web3 and MetaMask.


  • Blockchain Name: Idlechain
  • Ticker: IDEL
  • Codebase: Monero (Mangonote)
  • Max Supply: 300,000,000 IDEL
  • RPC Port: 39111
  • Premine: No
  • Algorithm: RandomX

By leveraging Monero's codebase and integrating web3 technologies, Idlechain aims to provide a platform for both gaming and blockchain development, fostering innovation and interoperability within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.